Corel Corp.

Corel is going to be a public company again. Vector Capital, current owner of Corel has filed papers to offer stock on NASDAQ and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) at a cost of approximately $20 per share. To find out more click here

Corel 3-Day Trial CD

The 30-day trial version of Ventura 10 is no longer available however if you purchase Ventura 10 there is a 30 day return guarantee which should give you enough time to give it a good try-out.

Back Issues available on CD

VUE is now offering a set of back issues of VUEPOINT magazine in PDF format on a CD. You can easily search for topics and find the issues with related articles or tips. VUE members get a generous discount. Special prices are in effect for a limited time. Click here for details.

Import Text Plus (Version 2)

This valuable utility program for trouble-free importing of documents into Ventura has been rewritten to work with versions 8 and 10. You can now import RTF, Word, WordPerfect, ANSI, XML, XSLT, and HTML/HTM files directly into Ventura without the unwanted font/markup codes. The new version is $49 but, VUE members get a $10 discount when registering the full version through our special web site. Get your copy of the trail version today by clicking here.

Upgrade Here!

If you're ready to upgrade click here to get a great price on the purchase of Ventura 10. Other great products are available as well, including the newly released CorelDRAW X3.

Adobe Acrobat 7 now available. If you doing serious print publishing, you should consider the Professional version that allows for full control over document exchange and output.


There are two locations to receive support for Corel Ventura:

The Corel Newsgroup is hosted by Corel, but monitored by veteran Ventura users who are eager and capable of answering almost any question you can throw at them.

You can also subscribe to a List-Serve group by following the instructions below. This list has many of the same veteran members that participate in the newsgroups, and many others who are eager to share their knowledge.

To join the List-Serve send an email to VENTURA-D@PLAZA.INVENTIV-EDU.NL. Leave the subject blank, and enter the command in the body. Don't include any other text. Once signed up, you'll get instructions sent to you automatically.


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