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Ventura User Exchange, Inc. is the officially recognized voice of Ventura users everywhere. Through VUE members gain access to software developers, desktop publishing experts, and other Ventura users. Our sole intent is to provide an ongoing forum for the exchange of information about Corel Ventura Publisher for users of all levels.

VUE is a membership organization. Benefits of membership include our bi-monthly magazine VUEPOINT, special discounts on software, training, seminars and conferences, books, supplemental communications for special events or announcements, and this web site.

We can help you stay informed and help you learn more about this powerful publishing program.

Join VUE today. To join immediately fill out the application form. (Sign me up now!) or feel free to look around and discover more about our organization.

US Members: $50/yr
Canada & Mexico: $65/yr (US funds)
Other Countries: $75/yr (US funds)

Due to increases in US Postal rates these membership fees may change in the near future. Join now to preserve the current rates.

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